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Pedro’s South American Food started serving lunch out of the empanada cart on the streets of Milwaukee in 2015. In 2017, we expanded to the second cart, offering a Gluten Free menu, featuring Colombian-inspired arepas. We are proud to now serve throughout southeastern Wisconsin!
Pedro’s menu is inspired by the fusion of flavors found across the Americas. Featuring two food carts with two distinct menus (empanadas and arepas), we can work with you to provide and serve any combination that best fits your needs. We cater to small or large groups for any occasion— indoor or outdoor— including weddings, business events, luncheons, graduation parties, street festivals, and more!

Our philosophy is to work with local businesses, farmers, and artisans whenever possible, and to do our part to keep our carbon footprint small. Therefore, we use 100% compostable plates and containers, recyclable items, and limit the use of single-use plastics.